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One Click At-home Test Kit

Using cutting-edge technology to monitor foundational men's health biomarkers and receive actionable insights on how to unlock your full potential

Forget the painful finger prick, it’s time to evolve. Now, you can check testosterone and five other critical biomarkers for men's health from home with a click of a button.

1 Send blood test to VitalityRx for testing

Measure your biomarkers

Order your test kit and it’ll be delivered directly to your doorstep. Then, collect your sample in under 10 minutes with our cutting-edge, painless device

2 Send blood test to VitalityRx for testing

Meet The Expert

You’ll have a consultation with one of our board-certified practitioners to explain your results and answer any questions that you may have.

3 Send blood test to VitalityRx for testing

Receive Actionable Insights

We’ll provide personalized, detailed insights into your biomarkers to optimize your health span and help you reach your wellness goals.

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